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Quality Sharpen the outline of the image. Can’t find my model. Gloss Mode Gloss mode Original Improving Color Copy Quality To improve the color copy quality, this machine provides the three types of adjustment methods: Konica Minolta K3 Starter Black. Storing Job Conditions Job Memory: Touch the desired copying condition key on the Check Screen to highlight it. Positioning Originals continued Do not place too heavy originals, or do not press strongly when thick original is placed and is under pressure of RADF; otherwise the glass may be broken and you may be injured.

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Service Clearing Follow the procedure on the screen to remove misfed paper. All product listed on this site is liquidation merchandise – you can assume that it will function properly and we do guarantee thathowever it will not be in nice pretty packaging.

Page 78 Positioning Originals continued Positioning originals in Mixed original mode Mixed size originals can be copied together from the document feeder. Copy quantity limits for specific accounts Machine Configuration can be set.

The finisher will cease operating. These cartridges are designed to meet or in some cases even exceed the standards set by the OEM in terms of performance, print quality and page yield. Check the original set direction. Paper and Original Information Paper Information An unpleasant odor may, however, be created in poorly ventilated rooms during extensive machine operations. The Call for Service Screen usually displays the telephone and facsimile numbers of your service representative.


CHECK displays a screen showing all settings that are selected for the current job. Loading Paper continued When paper is seated properly, miholta the paper feed roller.

Color Copy Quality continued Adjust the hue, saturation, and brightness. Be sure to hold both sides of the printed sheets when removing them, and DO NOT leave your hand on the printed sheets while the cf0501 tray goes up. Recycled paper is used for the inside pages of this manual.

Interrupt copying is available when the copier is performing the following operations: When our eyes perceive colors in Color Copy objects, we receive the information not only on the color itself reddish, bluish, etc.

Models using this product.

To enhance the minoltx quality, this machine allows you to modify colors by means of the three attributes of color based upon the human eye and perception. If it is thrown into a fire, the toner may ignite and cause a dangerous situation.

Konica Minolta Cf5001 8050 Developer Dv501 8937-859

Non STD Size for Original Identifies the special original size which the CF cannot detect, in order to select the optimal copy size for copying or printing. Touch the desired punch position key to highlight it. Normal duplex copies Up minota Quality Sharpen the outline of the image. When any of these modes is selected, the Booklet feature is automatically selected and indicated on the Application Selection Screen. You are the best, guys!


Konica Minolta CF Toner Cartridges

Lower tray If the paper size loaded in the cover inserter is Weekly not suitable, the following messages will be Timer displayed and copying will be unavailable till the correct size is loaded.

Color Copy Quality continued Applying Filters About Colors In addition to the color adjustment and image reproduction methods, this machine allows Color Copy you to apply the following filters to improve the copy image quality.

Gloss Mode Touch the desired level key from -1 to -4 to increase the proportion of photo.

This is a convenient and cost effective way of viewing the results of the following copying selections. Adding Toner Caution Labels and Indicators continued Safety Information Burns or injury may occur from minnolta the areas detailed in the caution labels and caution indicators.

Konica Minolta K3 Starter Black.


For details, see p. To Scan Originals into Memory Store Mode Store mode allows you to scan all the originals first, then to start a continuous printing job. Without using any optional equipment, each exit tray provides the output modes as described below.