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If the interface type presented to the host is “file”, then the source element may contain an optional attribute append that specifies whether or not the information in the file should be preserved on domain restart. Devices connected to pcie-root cannot be hotplugged. The element can have the following children: The configured value must correspond to a page size supported by the host. If the guest XML is configured with a lower initial memory limit, the ‘balloon’ command will be called at startup to set the lower limit. Starts a RDP server. It’s a bad idea to answer such questions – if nothing else, it’s a waste of your time when the question does get deleted, and your answer disappears with it.

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The units for this value are kibibytes i. The attributes from lower virtualport can’t make change on the ones defined in higher virtualport. This vag type provides support for an OpenGL accelerated display accessible both locally and remotely for comparison, Spice’s native OpenGL support only works locally using UNIX sockets at the moment, but has better performance.

VGA Passthrough with OVMF+VFIO on Ubuntu

Furthermore, these are the only devices in group To find video cards and their HDMI audio buddies: Attribute nodeset specifies the NUMA nodes, using the same syntax as attribute cpuset of element vcpu.


NB, for “volume” type disk, vgz is only valid when the specified storage volume is of ‘file’ or ‘block’ type.

There is a really nice guide written by GrayBoltWolf here. It will be automatically added va appropriate, so there is no need to explicitly add this element in the guest XML unless a specific PCI slot needs to bga assigned. The panic model used when this attribute is missing depends on the hypervisor and guest arch. The cache value should be set to ‘none’as the guest operating system will provide its own caching.

For virtio-backed devices, Virtio-specific options can also be set. Treat it as a device ordering hint.

Lock managers may impose extra restrictions on the format, or length of the key. The default router will be If both are provided they must be equal. This attribute cannot be directory specific to. The bounds are hypervisor specific. If no model name is provided, tpm-tis will automatically be chosen. Other than uuid validation and date format checking, all values are passed as strings to the hypervisor driver. That means the Windows guest has its own dedicated display adapter, so it can have high-performance 3D.

This should be automatized into a script to be run at boot time. On shutdown of the guest, the devices will reconnect to the host.

VGA device assignment – KVM

If this is omitted, and attribute cpuset of element vcpu is not specified, “emulator” is pinned to all the physical CPUs by default. Moreover, some firmwares may implement the Secure boot feature. Virtuozzo driver supports a type of “ploop” with a format of “ploop”.


NB, not all hypervisors support all modes. Unless you run into problems, you’ll most likely want to choose the stable drivers.


Use the name attribute to specify the backend domain name. This master secret key is then used to establish a trusted channel between SEV firmware and guest owner.

Each address type has further optional attributes that control where on the bus the device will be placed: For network interfaces, the name of the interface vta provided in the “interface” element. If ready is not libfirt, the disk is probably still copying.

When the source of an interface is a network, a portgroup can be specified along with the name of the network; one network may have multiple portgroups defined, with each portgroup containing slightly different configuration information for different classes of network connections. Both origin and destination devices need to be in bridge mode for direct delivery.

You may notice in the screenshot that there are two identical Logitech devices.