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Install ubuntu as usual with grub 6. Also, with the new poulsbo-3d stuff from ubuntu-mobile ppa I have compiz working as well. I am very close to getting mplayer-vaapi working but have some video corruption on playback. However, I can load the ubuntu 8. Its many options however can confuse a lot many newbies. Friday, July 17, 9: Somebody got a good offer for them!

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That’s the my umpc that i got addicted with twitter and blogging video chatting etc I am keeping an eye on http: Apparently, according to this thread, the SC3 doesn’t work.

I’ve read about clonezilla. So if you have random data lohjinsha data from deleted files, here – what! Dang, I thought it was working The HDD could be failing.

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Depending on your version of syslinux when it executes it might show a boot: For using Ubuntu 8. Its many options however can confuse a lot many newbies.

That may be something to look into. I had a little trouble with the correct path to the kernel and initrd.

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It drives the video, IDE, etc. By default, it installs a Kernel compatible.


Brunello, You have to enable the PPA, then apt-get install the xserver-xorg-video-psb. I am still using your syslinux hack.

I wanna try changing the kernel to see if it works or not. Don’t blame me then for hoodwinking you into this procedure ; So, do that backup NOW. Last edited by jenhwa; at I’ve read that the dell mini uses similar screen drivers.

Then on a separate partition installed openSuSE Now, with regards to making a backup image with dd, it has been pointed out that piping dd to gzip doesn’t really decrease the image size by any significant factor.

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The syslinux boot loader somehow fixes grub’s problem with loading the kernel and initrd image and so you can boot ubuntu from the grub boot menu when it pops up the second time. It’s kind of like using the plain VGA of a graphics adapter — it usually works, but is not fancy, and may be slower.

Dear all, Anyone have a good working Kohjinsha harddisk to spare Ubuntu in x is really wonderful!!! I currenty have it booting, at full resolution, and a perfectly calibrated touchscreen.


What puzzles me is why their reload works whereas all my attempts to install a new image doesn’t!

However the -dev package needed to get the libdrm dependency fixed Changed depends line in Control file from libdrm-dev to libdrm-poulsbo-dev Also, the 0. I’d like understand which are the other problems.

This thread is quite frightening for me, but I am determined to learn all this stuff from scratch. You can install from sy8 liveCD.

Mint is close enough to ubuntu that I would prefer that to Suse. Libva is from http: Check out the dd goldmine http: Does anyone else have a problem of when they close their SC3 lid the screen goes black and when they reopen it the screen won’t turn on again?

I had my Kohjinsha SH8 for over a year now, been running vista fine.