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You can add your suggestions to the right. Is it possible to use multiple inputs too? Am I missing something? I think the solution would be headphones rather than speakers! Older OS X I always take it to record videos and upload to YouTube so that I can share with friends. Finally someone had an answer to my problem!!!

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It looks like this in the Audio tab for me. I can record my desktop and mic audio but i cant hear anything coming from my desktop. This might not be a problem, but if it is, read on. I followed your instructions, but was still not getting the audio recorded, I ishkwu reading some other posts and soubdflower a comment that said you have to launch your recording source e.

Helpful, though I find that the computer will only pick up a microphone if the microphone is set to an input source in Mac sound settings… though by doing so, I have to remove the multi-input device as the input source. I always take it to record videos and upload to YouTube so that I can share with soundfloder.

How to capture Mac desktop audio with OBS – deKay’s Blog

Real-time screen recording beta. Some recent gaming videos – deKay’s Blog. Real-time super fast scaling: Do you have any advice for how I can set my volume loud enough for an appropriate setting to broadcast, but still not heart my own ear drums and enable me to use my mic without the feedback from the speakers blasting?


Any idea what I may be doing wrong? However, when I have the ishoqu on, I keep getting this irritating high-pitched noise that goes along with anything I play on Mac. Fixed up error that would cause HD to record only 1s of video under macOS Create tutorials, make a demo for the web, record your favorite game World of Warcraft! So basically I have to choose between mic commentary and no desktop audio, or desktop audio and no mic commentary.

I definitely installed and nothing shows up. Soundflower, which sort of did but was really fiddly, ishwu WavTap which never seemed to work at all.

Share it here as an alternative to OBS. Date 05 Oct I must have spent 2 hours looking for a way to record desktop audio and still be able to hear it and YOU were the only one to have the answer!

To leave a comment, you need to be logged in. A year or so ago I tried to get either of two solutions working: Finished recordings can be dragged directly from iShowU HD into the timeline.


How to capture Mac desktop audio with OBS

I added it in Settings instead of from the main screen where you add sources. Discover New Mac Apps.

Thank you, unsung hero of my day! This is great and very helpful.

Show your viewers the keys you’re using to perform tasks Soundfloer Pro only. I think the solution would be headphones rather than speakers! Plus, keep all your apps updated. Say goodbye to “post cropping” of video. You mean that I need to go to sounds and change output to multi-output device, yes I have done that. Suggest other similar software suggested.

Before you choose it, make sure you set your volume level how you want it: I lost 2h to that problem today, but you sir, helped me getting out soundflpwer trouble.

It is, yes — just add your microphone as another Audio Input Capture in the Sources box. Any clues on this?