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The input can be: Log In Sign Up. What’s the best aspect of your gameplay? Feel free to look around and have fun! What’s the most important thing in a fighting game? Key buffer attack is standing roundhouse hard kick this move will move Gief forward.

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Input for fireball is quarter moon. Don’t have an account? You know it’s bad when Smash is the only good fighting game this gen?

The input can be: If she’s so slippery, use your V-trigger to pull her in. Light punch SPD will have a very far range at the cost of damage, stun, and post knockdown pressure while Hard punch SPD is the most damaging, causes the most stun, and provides the most advantage post knockdown at the cost of a very short range.

It’s easier to just do something to set it up than it is to do it by itself IMO. Not all, This shortcut certainly worked for SFIV and in fact if you delayed punch button input when you end your motion in up forward you could cancel out of the startup of your forward jump into an SPD for a bit more range than if you were to perform the motion jow.

Skullgirls works the same way, but I haven’t tried any games outside of that. The muscle memory was so screwed up there. You only have to do a degree movement to get it to work in SF IV.


Keep me logged in on this device. Maturity is nice, but you gotta know when to let go and just enjoy dumb things. While right next to the dummy, force them to block two crouch light punches or two crouch light kicks then immediately follow with a light punch SPD.

Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? More topics from this board However, you can buffer the while; Blocking, Dashing, Jumping, attacking. Also I’m pretty sure you can start the from either side, as long as you get the you’ll get SPD. Learning Normals Lesson 2: Smoothly do a half moon zxngief finish with a up towards with punch.


Xiahou Mao Xiahou Mao 9 years ago 10 Easiest way is start from forward and circle down to back to up and press the attack. LuigisBro LuigisBro 3 years ago 7 you have to buffer the motion while you’re doing something else, I usually do it while doing a light or medium attack or when I’m getting up, if you just do the from a standing stance you’ll most likely end up jumping megatons – Nintendo goes 3rd party, Nintendo Paywall, real Pokemon game for iOS, Nintendo tablet.

I used to do them consistently in the arcade on a stick. Get your ranked flair here! Other characters like Hugo in SFIV required a little bit extra for his bow because of the input overlap with meatsquasher and ultra throw as well as his SPD and Claps.


Zangief´s Spinning Pile Driver in Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

Only forward to up and you can hit punch spinninh he jumps. The way I do it is to Press the direction towards your opponent. You could technically input a DB D UF U and it would count as a because you had 4 individual inputs that covered the 4 cardinal directions. Take special note of the effective range depending on which punch button is pressed.

The Walking – Perhaps the trickiest setup is the walking Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Performing a standing can be extremely difficult, even for skilled players.

Gief’s Gym – A Practical Lesson for Learning the Input! A Lesson for Beginners. : StreetFighter

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I don’t think that’s quite the reason, or if it is, they implemented it poorly.