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Alternate Line Service als Save this User Guide since it contains important safety information andoperating instructions. With the Connect screen displayed, confirm all the displayed information and click on the Dial button. Please, contactyour network operator for information on different network services operational in your GSM network. Page 71 Product Care and SafetyNote: Page 32 Alternatively, use the Web interface. Please, follow theinstructions below for complete wall installation.

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Ringing Signal Defined Ver todas las definiciones de estado: The devices must be connected in paral- lel.

Ericsson G32 User Manual

Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Make sure the cord is positioned so that it will not be stepped on, tripped over or otherwise subjected to damage or stress. Ericsson Enterprise ABAll rights reserved. AccessoriesThe G3x series FWT benefits from a wide range of accessories, whichensure the best and easiest way to install, serve and maintain the FWT,enhancing their functionality.

Using Fax Machines Page 14 Wall mounting Please proceed as indicated in the following picture.

The following table shows the divert alternatives as well as the way toproceed to manage this function. Pc Data Configurations Page 76 For efficiency purposes, Customers are reminded that should their Erics- son Product need warranty service, they return it to the dealer from which it was purchased or call their local Ericsson helpdesk for further information on warranty claims.


The SIM card contains information about your telephonenumber and the services included in your subscription. fwr

FCT FWT Fixed wireless cellular terminal for PBX GSM SIM Phone Line. ERICSSON | eBay

Wall mount bracket 6. Moving Or Storing The Fwt With the Connection Name screen displayed, type the name of your 8. Now the modem for the FWT needs to be installed.

Ringing signal used for regular incoming voice call. Ericsson shall have no liability for any error or damage of any kind resulting from the use of this document. The contents of this document are subject to revision without notice dueto continued progress in methodology, design and manufacturing.

Check that your computer has the standard modem installed, if notadd one by following the steps described in PC Data Configurationson page Fax ringing signal defined sequence Ringing signal used for incoming fax call.

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Enter text from picture: Wall mount bracket 7. Once youhave completed all the required information, click on the Next button. Some countries do not allow for the exclusion or limitation fwg loss ofprofits, commercial loss, incidental or consequential damages, or limitation of the duration of implied warranties, so the preceding limitations orexclusions may not be applicable in certain cases.


Sending Tone Signals Please read this information before using your FWT. User Busy indication tone to the waiting call: This means that, although you arealways attached to the network, you only pay for the amount of datathat you really transmit.

Fwg your cardiologist for more information. See if the call is established throughthe FWT and check the speech quality. Press the FWT against the wall-mounting bracket.

Specify the area or city code as well as the number you need to dial when you access g23 outside line, if it is required. Check that your computer has thestandard modem installed, if not add one in Phone and Modem Options.

Some of the services described in thisguide might not be supported by all networks. Please refer to the topic Accessories documented on page 68 for more detailed information, Fixed Wireless Terminal: