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Downloading and Installing the Scanner Driver — Part 1 The scanner requires the download and installation of a driver on your local PC. The computer does not detect the scanner or appropriate driver. If the item is negotiable, it should be re-deposited through a channel other than Remote Deposit Service Online. Always verify the details of the transaction prior to submitting the item to the batch to prevent adjustments or returned items. After the point, you can request a copy of an image.

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Remove the cleaning cared from the sealed pouch and insert into the entry feeder as shown to the right. The item should be re-deposited through a channel other than Remote Deposit Service Online.

Select Next to install to choose the default features. Alert Draws attention to specified areas or items that required user action.

If you mouse over the icon, you will see the status details. Compute the expected total amount of your deposit, this amount is the declared amount.

Remove all staples and paper clips and straighten any bent corners before loading rdj the scanner. The application cannot be accessed. Debits Do Not Equal Credits Customer could either receive a debit or a credit depending on the error If an error does not fall into one of the following categories, this adjustment will be created.


You have the following options on the Batch tab: You will receive a message if you exceed the limit for the day. If the problem persists, contact Help Desk. You should verify the amount as the transaction will be processed for the amount entered in this field.

Selection Alerts ec7000i to selectable items.

You can override this by typing in the payer name if different. You will need to manually adjust any back end accounting system. Click the Batch History tab.

Click Next to install to the default program group. The digital images can be converted to substitute checks, if a substitute check is needed for any reason. Endorser — applies physical message to rear of checks inkjet print cartridge required. A double document infrared detector and rem auto-adjust separator rollers allow for the ability to process a range of documents with different thickness and prevent double feeds.

P 1, with USB2. Repeat this action times while rotating the cleaning card each time. By scanning a check, you are capturing bank account information and an electronic image of the check.

ECi series network scanners | RDM Corporation

ACH regulations only allow you to scan and process consumer checks. This reproduction, called a substitute check, is created from a digital image of the original, contains the same information, and becomes the legal equivalent of the original check. This will eliminate dust, paper fragments, and other foreign bodies that may damage the scanner.


This financial institution recently purchased nearly 1, receipt printers as a refresh for many of Check images are available online for six 6 months. If the Property Management Payment Service system recognizes the checking account, it will populate the screen with the previously provided customer information. High eec7000i USB 2.

Items have inadvertently stuck together. Rotate the cleaning card each time to make certain that the cleanest part of the card is being used.

EC9600i series network scanner

DO NOT push or insert items past the line. If the item is negotiable, it should be re-deposited through a channel other rc7000i Remote Deposit Service Online. Select the type of check from the drop-down list: