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The system board is designed to protect the boot sector and partition table of your hard disk drive. Some of the most common things to check when you encounter problems while using your system are listed below. The system will reboot and you will once again see the initial diagnostics on the screen. The power switch of each peripheral device is turned on. Test the outlet by plugging in a lamp or other electrical device.

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Align the colored edge of the daisy chained ribbon cable with pin 1 of the drive edge connector s. By default, the system boots up with NumLock on wherein the function of the numeric keypad is the number keys.

Enter Setup to correct the error. Your system supports five modes, 0 default to 4, which primarily differ in timing.

USB allows data exchange between your computer and a wide range of simultaneously accessible external Plug and Play peripherals. Page 24 Hardware Installation 2. If your hard drive takes an excessively long period of time to format, it is cw35-v/l/s a cable connection problem.

Refer to the Hardware Doctor Utility section in chapter 4 for instructions on installing the utility. One card-edge bracket mounted with a serial por t cable is provided with the system board.


DFI CWL – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket – iL Overview – CNET

Some entries are defaults required by the system board, while others, if enabled, will improve the performance of your system or let you set some features according to your preference. Hard Disk s fail 08 Sector Verify failed. Set JP2 pins 2 ffi 3 to On.

Page 40 Hardware Installation 2. Hard Disk s fail 40 HDD controller diagnostics failed. The following message will appear.

DFI CW35 Series User Manual

When disabled, the BIOS will not search for the type of floppy disk drive by track number. Verify that the attached device works by attaching it to a parallel port that is working and configured correctly. If such a station is not available, you can provide some ESD protection by wearing an antistatic wrist strap and attaching it to a metal part of the system chassis.

AT-type high-density drive; 1. Regardless of whether the Power Management field is enabled or disabled, if the power button is pushed and released in less than 4 sec, the system enters the Suspend mode.

Disabled Disables the onboard parallel port. Further, the manufacturer reserves the right to revise this publication and make changes to its contents at any time, without obligation to notify any person or entity of such revisions or changes.


Floppy Drive The computer cannot access the floppy drive. One code indicates that a video error has occured and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information.

Verify that all memory modules are seated securely into the memory sockets. Select a date ddfi would like the system to power-on. The colored edge of the ribbon should be aligned with pin 1 of J2. Dti field applies only when synchronous DRAM is installed in the system.

DFI driver download for Motherboard/Mainboard

Supported Softwares Supported Softwares cw3-d/l/s. If you are not using this function, set this field to Disabled. If a wrist strap is unavailable, establish and maintain contact with the system chassis throughout any procedures requiring ESD protection.

Page 31 Hardware Installation 2.

After you plug the monitor cable into the VGA port, gently tighten the cable screws to c35-d/l/s the connector in place. The default settings will be loaded. Irda Connector Hardware Installation 2.

Load DMI File 1. On the left side of the screen is a list of the system configuration items.