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This could be a file like “stat. This work was done by Edward Cheung, Ph. This link has been updated! If so, it seems it would be easy to create a cron job that could fire when a particular X10 code was received. It confirms what is printed in Dan’s document.

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The Read and Write use “bulk” mode. And of course much needs to be added as I’m sure there is much that is yet undiscovered. Much of the little white boxes needs to be expanded on and put into understandable statements. And that all other ‘DF’ references are in 32 byte increments.

The problem is that suPHP is known to take a huge performance hit on the system being up to 25 percent slower.

X10 CM15A interface Communication Documentation

I check the site and found nothing I could use it’s ftp: However I cannot support it any longer. I have referenced this many times and have it running on a SheevaPlug.

Check to see if it is there by doing a linxu listing dir at the Terminal command prompt. Unfortunately this also makes it very hard for our iPHC web-interface running on Apache, to access and use the cm15ademo controller application we compiled earlier.


Sometimes there is a delay from when I click button, to the time that the light goes on.

X10/USB – Debian Wiki

No such file or directory compilation terminated. Note that ‘1F E0’ is 32 bytes short of 8K.

Should be all good now! This program is called GEdit, and it is a simple text editor that is useful for editing text files and PHP linix files.

Are there other sugesstions? If everything so far has been completed properly you should be able to see the iPHC web-interface and utilize its functions by visiting the following address:. Cool Blue HomeSeer Default. Sun, Nov 14 5: Has anyone experienced issues with RF devices? I hope that the homeseer team will work on this fix because I want to migrate on Linux as soon linu possible. It appears not be able to send commands to just the RF but when monitoring a selected house code you can have more than 1 it can send and receive that house code via the RF and Power Line.

BUMP Linux info please! Last edited by WfromL ; July 29th, LinuxHA Mochad github repo.

Linuux cares that you have to then give away the source to the bits you added to your Windows software; who’s going to go to the trouble of actually compiling it?! The production code is running on Fedora Core 10, with libusb So I did some research and decided to migrate the system over to the Server Edition of Ubuntu.


There are lots on linux cm1a5 that are waiting expectantly for the cm15a drivers. Address not Found Any ideas?

CM15A on Linux – HomeSeer Message Board

I do know that the version shipped with HS3. The following was posted by “X10 Pro” on the X10 Activehome Pro forums, giving the Ok to post the stuff on this website.

If I were to take a wild shot in the dark without further information it looks like the CM15A is reporting the status of module J3 as being Off repeated 3 times. Sorry I upgraded my wordpress installation to multisite and lost the linkage. It was driving me nuts as I would get a 5D xx xx xx