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The TaylorMade fitters recommended Brian try a shorter driver. I just hope like most that I’ll have an opportunity to try it, as Bridgestone isn’t well represented in my neck of the woods. Those look like amazing stick! The J40 driver design cues were directly from input we received from our Tour team and some highly skilled ams. Their clubs look very good and I would love to try them out. What you get is a smooth yet stable driver.

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ULTIMATE REVIEW – Bridgestone J40 445CC Driver

With their forward center of gravity, they were helping golfers optimize bgidgestone launch conditions beyond their wildest dreams: Of course, when we drop our shortest hitter from the equation, that average distance increases to a staggering All I can say is that immediately I fell in love and I am still loving them 9 340 and many rounds later.

You can see why Bridge-Stone would love a person like me to have their driver, and work for them. Looks like the legendary d. The J40 is a great looking driver which, unless you like bridtestone lot of flash and flair, should appeal to a majority of golfers. J13, on 10 November – I have been playing the balls and then someone told me to try the E6. If anyone is worried about the project x shaft being higher torque, take a look on the custom shaft options on the Bridgestone website.


We accept credit cards through PayPal. And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? News 3 weeks ago. Would love to see if the new driver carries on the bridgestone line of excellence! Dennis Maxwell 7 years ago. Eric 7 years ago.

Points are determined per shot using a formula of distance minus accuracy. Rob Slade 7 years ago.

Bridgestone J40 Driver – Review

I have not hit any of their clubs. DarthVega 7 years ago. I hope to read more about gold driver in the future. I have been a Bridgestone e6 user through every generation of that ball. We will be glad to help you all out.

I got a j36…the best iron ever…from in….

I look forward to seeing J40 driver available in our stores soon. Golfer Burnz 7 years ago. We carry pretty much the full line. As this list indicates, however, some drivers are working better than others this year.

They make me sick, I want them! To me by far one of the best irons ever played with are the j33cb and J33r driver.


Bridgestone J40 Driver REVIEW – Editor Reviews- Equipment, Accessories and Apparel – GolfWRX

In days i will be set bridfestone awhile with the following:. They are highly underrated and have always use quality forging house to forge their irons ENDO comes to my mind.

Less clubs equal less mistakes…. I owned a set of original US Tourstage irons years ago that were the softest, most solid iron that I had ever hit. I appreciate the dedication to pursuing the very best in quality materials, the designs are simple and conventional,yet, very appealing to the eye, and have excellent feel! If they break even, great, if they lose money, what percentage of the whole bridgestne it possibly be?