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Actually the sound as a whole feels more meaty and authoritative. Guitars and stringed instruments sound wonderful on this tube. But apart from that, everything about the T1’s build is terrific. I have used senn px for 4 years and just decided to enjoy more music by getting the akg k mk2. The capacitor upgrade is not mandatory for beautiful sound, but it will take your T1 to a level far beyond its price point. Post 1 of The highs have slightly more presence than neutral, but the treble is not that fatiguing.

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I don’t y1 on “tube rolling” and it’s a shame it doesn’t come with the bassy tube it recommends for that Translation page is not yet ready You can help with translation via the: The added warmth makes this an absolute pleasure to listen to. I don’t think this tube does any wrong. This tube is the real deal no doubt about it. Boosted bass and highs, excels with electronic.

Measurement’s report Aune T1 test and graphs – Reference Audio Analyzer

JK1Oct 15, Still close to be honest. For the price it’s good Congrats on unearthing a gem and loving it without spending loads!!


In terms ayne sound, i found the T1’s amp alone to sound very neutral.

There are plastic guards that are supposed to snap in around the top of the tube to prevent contact with the tube, but I think they look very cheap and did not install them. You must log in or sign up to reply aube. Also included is an instruction guide, USB cable, and wall adapter there are two separate adapters; one for V and the other V.

Almost every headphone I have tried with the Y1 works very, very well.

: AUNE T1SE USB DAC Headphone Tube Amplifier 24BIT/DSD – Black: Electronics

The mids are withdrawn and sound a bit thin compared to say the 6dj8 Amperex. The bass is softer than what i would prefer and the subbass is not as present, but nevertheless it has good quality bass. The above list is the indicate that the amp that comes with the T1 is at bare minimum useable and in some cases sounds really great. Again, this is an extremely musical tube. I would buy one over a Essence or Titanium card.

Post 1 of Covers failures due to power surge and other mechanical and electrical breakdowns. Don’t stress over what it aube with because in all likelihood you’ll want to upgrade it, regardless.


Overall, I am impressed with the case, jacks and volume dial. And the best part is, you’re never missing out on the detail!

Test report Aune T1 (report for a pro)

Soundstage, realism, and timbre? It’s well balanced and dynamic with excellent details in the whole sound spectrum.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. You are in a professional report. I have not y1 any negative reports yet from any particular vendor but YMMV.

Yes they have none of the 6n11 tube anymore, mine come with ehwhich actually sells for usd 12 in China. I had to pop on the mid-gain switches because it wasn’t driving my HE’s nearly as well as the E Discussion in ‘ Dedicated Source Components ‘ started by joeq70Oct 23, The soundstage here is almost as wide as thebut not quite.

Has a kind of addictive tube sound.

The T1 has a very wide range of tubes that will work with it.