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ONLY by this dialog! Not sure which feature you are referring to exactly. A real pain for working. An additional analog input amplification of up to 18 dB in steps of 0. When you want a software to use certain ASIO channels while Cubase is running, you need to decativate these in the Cubase setup F4, see Matthias’ posting above. And it seems not to be a software issue. Usually the symptom is the opening of a new application cutting out the audio on the previous application.

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Ableton Forum • View topic – RME USB driver = problem ?

This IMHO is a masterpiece of engineering! OctaMic D Out of production! What version of Live specifically? I think knowing how the Konnekt 24D behaves would clarify a lot of things.

What new features that were NOT in the 2.

Clearly some of us are having problems and I we realise that other users are reporting trouble-free operation of their RME interfaces, so maybe we are missing out something? Bob, you said you have a TC Konnekt 24D. The fact that not many users are reporting problems with the Fireface might be due to the fact that:.

If the application were adio to try and hog all available channels anyway, then why would Native Instruments have bothered to provide users with the option of enabling and disabling channels in their software? Running standalones together is not working well under windows.


I come to the conclusion that using firewire for interfaces is far away from a professional and reliable pci solution.

FireWire & USB

It doesn’t exactly sound nice electronics vs. This happens independent from which software it comes or from which fieeface 3 different Firewire-chips, one machine has a ti-chip and which buffersize is activated. Seemingly, the functionality of Cantabile is natively provided by the Kore driver, and therefore it is possible to play lots softsynths and Winamp simultaneously firdface Kore.

ASIO multiclient not working properly Manuel wrote: The fact that this is possible with the Kore hardware reinforces my argument.

As Bob very eloquently put it, it is kind of tricky to get things to work consistently, and my personal experience with the Fireface has been a frustrating one: Sat Jul 16, I found that often I had to re-assert the audio settings within the application that could not be heard in order to wake up the ASIO driver, as if it had to be made aware that the application that could not be heard was trying to use the driver.

Absynth and Reaktor, for example. Mon Oct 17, The renowned Fireface shares the same driver, allowing mixed setups.

asko It might be RME policy to deliver on the exact description of a product but you should know that’s not really the norm for most companies. I can assure you it does.

RightMark Audio Analyzer test : [ASIO] ASIO Fireface USB

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But from native instruments. Oh, by the way, I figured out that it is possible to run multiple instances of Pro and possibly other Native Instruments softsynthsalthougth only one can be heard at a time if I use the Fireface I think the problems might be specific to my system, so will try the fireface on another computer when I get a chance.

So fundamentally, asio-multiclient works with the fireface. Furthermore, the input impedance can be switched from Line 10 kOhm to Instrument kOhm. My system is as follows in case this info helps: Rme forum is down or just not accessible?

I think the FF is great and I am not trying to blame anyone, but I am really stuck because this particular combination does not work, which means I cannot use my set-up the way I’d like to. Thanks MC, page 27 of the user manual contains some interesting info about what you’ve just said, if that fixes my issues I’ll owe you a pint: RME products are built to last and use top-quality components etc, but with bad drivers the FF is no more than a pretty brick I appreciate the participation that this thread has received, but I just feel that this is a loosing battle.