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Pick one of the wires and attach the black multimeter lead to it. And you can use a USB hub if you want also, as long as its powered. I also tried on Windows 7. I spent almost 2 whole days trying to read information to get this working and its not working. That leaves your other line as RX. If you try doing it from the computer end of the cable, how are you going to tell which signal is which and what the values are supposed to be?

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I tried this same procedure with Win10 drivers from same Cypress folders and got the same results.

Can some one help me out here? If you have 4 lines to test, have to guess at RX and unused line. Black is the only wire to give a reading, and when i touch the red wire, and hold it to the positive lead my Win 7 PC actually recognized the cable. Tried an old laptop with XP. CA Arlmicro Not Recognized.

Zedboard forums is currently read-only while it under goes maintenance. Well i have a hard time cracking usb-uuart the end piece, is it possible to diagnose the wires with a multi-meter and how so? To test the cable, you have to plug it into the USB port of the arkmjcro. You don’t have to break open the end piece.


In my uneducated guess, I believe this means the colors listed above are correct. Going of another thread here I suspect that the wires in the cable are as follows: Cannot see new device, COM port in device manager. If there is no signal, then you may be on the RX line.

Never used one before. I never see any amber light flashing and no output on the console terminal.

Ports – ArkMicro – ArkMicro USB to Serial Ports Computer Driver Updates

How else can you tell which wire runs to which pin if you dont crack open the end? Hi Carlitos, Unfortunatly I haven’t encountered your issue in the past.

I measured all the wires.

Display posts from previous: They are very clsoe together on the Zedboard, jeje. Hooked up the red cable to match up to the 3V3 pad on the router for power and twisted the blue and white just to test out the prolific drivers from the wiki. That will tell you which each wire is for, and which is tx, rx, and ground.


Arkmicro Technologies Inc. ARK Serial

The post mentioned does not solve my problem. Installed the driver and utility from the Serial Recovery Wiki.

Community Projects View Projects. I spent almost 2 usv-uart days trying to read information to get this working and its not working. Log in Profile View unanswered posts Log in Username: Mon Jun 13, I also tried on Windows 7.

You can google how to use a multimeter. Wrong unfortunately, the multimeter does NOT provide power.

man uark (4): Arkmicro Technologies ARK based USB serial adapter

I know its been said you can find the ground by measuring the ohms with a multimeter set to OHM. You still have to determine what wire is what. ArkMicro Windows 7 Driver. Touch the red multimeter lead to the other wires one at a time. I tried the USB device viewer but neither it or windows seems to arkmcro there is a connection.