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Most of the lower end products run off a pair of AA batteries and last just five hours, so those models will eat up a set of batteries each time you go to use it! Power Description Power Source Battery. Antec’s SP1 certainly isn’t alone in this space, with the Jambox, Jabra Solemate and Logitech Mini Boombox , to name a few, all about the same size, and offering the same level of sound. It glows red when it is low on power or white when it is fully charged when plugged in and charging via the USB port. Antec noticed that the market was changing and in they introduced a new global electronics division called Antec Mobile Products or A. The bass is noticeably lacking in the mix, but the result is a cleaner, clearer sound than we expected. Of course even the best smart phones around have pretty feeble speakers, as anyone who has had to endure someone in public attempting to share their song of choice can attest.

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Whereas once portable audio was a solitary experience we can now carry our entirely library of tunes atec in our pocket, so the need to be able to share them with others increases too.

Antec Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Speakerphone | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

What the SP1 lacks in design, it makes up for in clear, balanced audio, that is penalised only for its soft hand on the bass. Dolby Atmos without the fuss.

This isn’t the speaker you can run a dance party off, but it wouldn’t be bad to study with. Vocals sound good, and guitar driven songs show off some of the instrument’s subtler elements. This means that, while you can hear the speakers from anywhere in a room, you will only get the best of them when sitting directly in front of the unit.

Power Description Power Source Battery.

Battery Information Battery Rechargeable Yes. Final Thoughts and Conclusions: Our review unit is in white with hints of red showing through the speaker grill, and though it is lightweight, it feels cheap and looks like it was designed by an product engineer rather than a thoughtful designer. As it is with most portable speakers, the sound out of the SP1s is highly unidirectional.


Thus speakers with easy connectivity are a rapidly growing area of the market, and Antec have dipped their toes into the water with the SP1 Bluetooth speaker. It’s not the tiniest thing you can imagine, but certainly reasonably small. This is a smart play by Antec as it doesn’t single out one group of players or another.

Identifying the power state of the unit is a matter of watching blinking white and red LEDs beneath the power switch. The very square design and sharp edges means it takes up a larger amount of pocket space than a more well thought out design would have, but it’s light and if you’re the type who often carries a bag with them then it is eminently portable.

What Hi-Fi?

For even more convenience, pair the SP1 with your laptop and stay in touch through Skype and Google or pair it with your smart phone and use it with Viber. The same light is also used to show when the unit is paired with a Bluetooth device glows a solid whitewhen it is not connected does a slow white blink and when it is in search mode rapid white antdc.

We won’t share your email address with ANYONE, and we will only email you with updates on site news, reviews, and competitions and you can unsubscribe easily at any time. Subscribing to antex OC3D newsletter will keep you up-to-date on the latest technology reviews, competitions and goings-on at Overclock3D. Most of the lower end products run off a pair of AA batteries and last just five hours, so those models will eat up a set of batteries each time you go to use it!

It’s more of a paper-and-comb sound than something you want to listen to. Network and Communication Bluetooth Yes. It’s good for studios or bedrooms, but rivals are just as capable and often much better looking. It glows red when it is low on power or white when it is fully charged when plugged in and charging via the USB port. Pairing is easy, just hold the button down till the side light starts blinking and then go into your Bluetooth device tablet, smartphone or computer and connect to it.


You want portable music that you can share, so headphones won’t do, and you want personal audio in a small room, like a study or bedroom, but your budget won’t stretch to something bigger, and arguably better. P with the goal of putting state of the art mobile and audio technology into the hands of every user. Antec has been a popular brand for high-performance computer components and accessories for the PC upgrade and do-it-yourself DIY markets since For all other connections, the SP1 relies on Bluetooth for pairing with mobile music players, like smartphones.

It’s ugly as hell but the SP1 offers clear, balanced audio – albeit audio that’s a little so1 in the bass department. In regards to the position of key features, like volume controls and power inputs, the SP1 mirrors its competition; with three buttons on the top of the unit and power down the right hand side.

Physical Characteristics Width 4.

Times are certainly changing in the PC industry and many companies are evolving in order to stay relevant. As the capacity of our smart devices increases and they move from a single function into a full-spectrum device, so our demands increase along with them. ssp1

Portable media has come a long way since the early MP3 players.