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Set the max speed of motion. In order to minimize vibration when a motor stops, the HSL-4XMO can output a single pulse for a negative direction and then single pulse for a positive direction right after completion of a command movement. It can also aid in debugging hardware and software problems. Change to pps if Sensor 3 is touched. The input circuit of the INP signals is shown in the diagram below:

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X Home Mode figure: For detailed operations of the ORG signal, refer to section 4.

Adlink HSL Real Time Distributed I/O System

Page 29 Figure CMP trigger type can be set as normal low rising edge or normal high falling edge. The sink current must not exceed 20mA or the will be damaged!

The end-limit switch is active 3. Page 51 Figure When calling hls linear interpolation functions, the vector speed needs to define the start velocity, StrVel, and maximum velocity, MaxVel.

December 21, Part No: The deceleration period is similar in fashion. General-purpose Signal RDY 3.


When sending in damaged products for repair, please attach an RMA application form which can be downloaded from: The deviation counter clear signal is inserted in the following 4 situations: If using half duplex mode, the occupied ID will be continuously from this setting.

When calling 3-axis linear interpolation functions, the vector speed is needed to define the start velocity, StrVel, and maximum velocity, MaxVel.

It is used to change the target position, defined originally by these two functions. EL only Figure The logic polarity of the ORG signal level or latched input mode is also selectable using this function as well. A simple conversion is necessary to match between these two units.

Set the SVON signal output status. To specify a circular interpolation path, the following parameters must be clearly defined: The time is measured with one, four, and eight modules respectively. If the hardware version returns a value with the 4th digit being 0, then that board does not support these functions.

The soft limits are built on comparators 1 and 2 Refer to section 4. Page 38 closed contact switches can be used. The first 4 functions can be used for changing speed during a single axis motion. In-position Signal INP The in-position signal is usually generated by the servomotor driver and is ordinarily an open collector output signal.


Theoretical command time is recommend as follows: Change Speed on the Fly The change speed on the fly function is applicable on single axis motion only. Select if the ERC signal will be sent when home move completes. Some motor drivers can provide the power source.

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adlinl Connection to Open Collector Output For more operation information on the encoder feedback signals, refer to section 4. Page 36 Figure Circular interpolation for 2 axes Also supported under Linux 1. Finally, the command would be: