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These files describe predefined location vault in format used by bootable media. Specify a name for backup location – it will help identify this location later: Put the configuration file obtained from temporary media file CF-EDA in this example file to C: If the settings have not been pre-configured, the agent uses DHCP auto configuration. It worked very nicely.

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In ‘Properties’ of this file there is no version indicated clearly. You see the used licenses.

You may need to look in more places. Each driver can be in a separate acfonis. They indicate that the media builder is copying drivers into the bootable media.

Acronis Backup & Recovery Adding Acronis Plug-in to WinPE 2.x | Knowledge Base

Click on Next to proceed: Hi Mustang, Thanks for taking the time to write the guide, it has been very valuable. Clearly the WinPE environnment was never designed to cater for this resolution so the resulting screen is very hard to use with most drop down menus completely invisible. Follow the instructions below to create a custom WinPE based bootable media with pre-configured personal vault.


This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Test done with build. When you find the device, right click on it and select Properties. Sometimes we forget to say it, thank you!

Run Acronis Bootable Media Builder again. You are reporting a typo in the following text: If you do not have a machine with ADK, prepare it as follows: Select Windows PE from the drop-down list: Skip to main content.

24254: Acronis Backup: Using Acronis Media Builder to Build WinPE with Acronis Plug-In

Then select Create Windows PE 2. See Microsoft TechNet Article: Click on Location section in Back up now window. Was this article helpful? Configure Network connection if needed. Select any data for backup, e.

Ignore the fact that it says “for Windows 7” – it only means that the resulting media will run Windows 7 based version of WinPE. If you do not have a machine with ADK, prepare it as follows:. Copy the driver files to C: This environment is completely independent from your current Windows version.


You need to write it “as an ISO image”. Please contact Acronis Customer Central if you need assistance. Process worked perfectly for creating drivers in the media.

47031: Acronis Disk Director 12: Creating WinPE-Based Acronis Bootable Media

Once the media is created, click OK to close the media builder: TI will run from X: Introduction In some cases you may need your Personal vaults to be readily available in Acronis Bootable Media. In this window, you need adf specify the network share which needs to be predefined in bootable media. See reply 8 in this thread https: Instructions on how to create WinPE media.