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Sep 9, Posts: The board also features the same 4 memory slot arrangement, and the restrictions for PC are the same – registered only if you want to use all 4 slots with PC, or 3 slots with PC Many of the more recent ones do not have jumpers for fsb. Firstly the Northbridge fan is different – it’s not the standard ABIT black fan, but a much nicer looking crystal-orb like fan. Mon Sep 09, 4:

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Find other tech and computer products like this over hot Amazon’s website. There is also a temperature sensor located inside the socket which is where most motherboard monitor software gets its CPU temperature readings. Originally posted by Al: Also worth noting is that on the picture of the board on the ABIT website, there is a two digit LCD display system, similar to that found on Epox boards.

Oct 30, Posts: Aug 10, Posts: I will have to disconnect the power source for several seconds and then power up. Jul 26, Posts: If by chance it makes it past the memory, ide post and hpt post it go whacky and my monitor will display an out of sync range error. Feb 12, Posts: Something others and I have found with the board though is that the system temperature probe is very inaccurate.

After powering down the system Which had worked fine for an hour beforehand to have a break, I powered it back on again only to have a blue flash from the back of my xk7 Had lasted a year fine W PSU — completely dead. None of mine do.


Abit KXR & Athlon XP + Problems (Help!) – Ars Technica OpenForum

I later discovered this was because the board did not have the correct BIOS. The Alpha went on perfectly, the board was screwed into the case fine, and everything worked first time.

I’m pretty sure it’s either the board or the CPU, but I can’t figure out which based on my problems. The IDE connectors are well placed at the edge of the board, meaning you don’t need to drape IDE cables all over the place.

You’ve got 4 memory slots, which to start with looks like a good feature but when you consider that for use of all 4 slots the board only supports Registered PC, it looks a little less inviting.

Abit KX7-333R & Athlon XP 2200+ Problems (Help!)

The board does not use a standard ATX back plate because of the onboard sound and LAN connectors, and as such a revised back plate is included in the box. Previous Page Next Page. I can only assume this was just an obscure fault – which happens from time to time so it isn’t anything to worry about.

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The IDE and Floppy connectors were also smartly placed, allowing easy installation of drives once the board has been installed into your PC.

I assume doing that voids the warranty? I’m hovering back and forth between which I think is the culprit, so I want to get other opinions.

Once it was all in the case, the problems started. This is not the best place for the sensor to be located as it is not directly touching the core, however, it is able to give you an average idea of how hot your processor is running.


This is a smart decision as not many people own devices that require these slots anymore abti they usually end up taking up space on the motherboard that can be used for other things.

Put everything back together and connected a spare W PSU and everything was fine for another 4 hours, until exactly the same thing happened again.

Abit KX7-333 / KX7-333R BIOS B6

I had no problems at all fitting the Alpha to the KX – there is ample clearance, and plenty of space around the holes for fitting abir standoffs.

It also has the mounting holes, and clearance around the socket is fine for the larger heatsinks, but the positioning of the components around the holes is terrible.

The board also features the same 4 memory slot arrangement, and the restrictions for PC are the same – registered only if you want to use all hot slots with PC, or 3 slots with PC First was the difficulty in fitting the Alpha due to the close proximity of the components to the mounting holes, as described above. Smirks Seniorius Lurkius Registered: I eventually got the board up and running and installed Windows using a spare Duron The CPU socket itself is also in a great position and includes the 4 mounting holes, crucial for fitting high end water cooling gear, and high end heatsinks like my own Alpha Aibt