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Kent, also a low handicap golfer, mostly liked the look of the Fast 10, but said that it looked a little too square for his eye. Dan averaged yards with the Adams Speedline Fast 10, and hit 3 balls which cleared the yard mark; the longest reaching yards. Amateur 10hr ago What is the average cost of a round of golf? Not that Sadlowski needed it, but Adams has released a new family of drivers, replacing the previous series. One loop of tape around the base of the grip would have brought this club back to D2, if it was really that important.

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When it comes to the feel of the Adams Speedline Fast 10, speedoine was mixed. No need to go searching from site to site or from magazine to magazine anymore…because we have come up with a system that is not only the most un-bias and painfully honest reviews but also the most complete, comprehensive and detailed golf gear reviews PERIOD! Immediate available xdams through www. I feel like the numerous comments about the swing weight being off are a little harsh.

Adams Speedline Fast 10 Fairway Wood Headcover 2010

That is one solid and thorough review, nice job giving your readers all the info. We pretty much love the stuff.

He did agree, however, that the dispersion pattern was accurate, and that the Adams was noticeably straighter. While all that stuff is useful, it would speedlibe dieal if you opted to get fitted by someone who knows what they are doing. I have been hitting a Callaway Steelhead III with a steel shaft because prior to the Adams driver I have not been able to hit anything with a graphite shaft.


Damn, one more adamw that I must have!

PGA Tour 17hr ago My year in golf: Almost to a man our testers really liked the look of the Adams Speedline Fast 10, particularly at address. The only other item that was less than ideal was the fact that you opted to omit what driver s the golfers you collected detailed data speddline using. Dec 13, 44 Comments.

We need a little more info. The LS will be the driver of choice for many amateurs and touring pros, as well. He also commented that although he felt he lost more distance on mis-hit balls with the Adams, he liked that fact that he had an easier time keeping the ball in play with the Fast Playing partners, team members, important sponsors, ….

Phana24JG 7 years ago.

I have several reasons why. When i manage to hit it at the sweet spot the ball flew much farther than my last driver a TM Burner Draw, need to tee it a bit lower though. I think that would be a good idea Foster.

Adams Speedline Fast 10 Driver – ULTIMATE REVIEW!

Nov pseedline, 40 Comments. Why not measure the stated loft and lie? I loved the driver so much, I speexline a matching 3 wood and I hit it farther off the ground than I did my old driver off a tee.


If that is not an option due to time or financial constraints, see if you can at least get some swing data from a Trackman or Flightscope. The overwhelming majority of the feedback received was positive, with the rest no worse than indifferent. Or even a strip of lead tape added to the bottom of the sole.

Long Drive champ to play Adams’ new driver

Mar 15, 25 Comments. Doc 9 years ago. If there is less m, then there can be more a. Let me tell you, it is very long. You can really feel the head accelerating through the impact zone.

Execs offer their views of equipment in 5 years.

Kent, also a low handicap golfer, mostly liked the look of the Fast 10, but said that it looked a spedeline too square for his eye.